We believe that making the highest level of customer satisfaction depends on exceptional product implementation together with specialists’ skills...

IAM Architecture

Our IT architects’ deep and extensive IAM expertise is based on 8+ years 

IAM Consulting

Our IT consultants’   IAM projects expertise
 is based on 4+ years 

IAM Implementation

Our IT  specialists' IAM expertise
 is based on 12+ years

About Us

Starting from one-employee venture in 2014, we have grown to be flexible multi-personnel company. Since the beginning of 2015, the company has entered into a partnership with Micro Focus (formerly Novell) and has delivered several successful Microfocus Identity/Access Management projects. Our employees have more than 5 years’ experience in the IT services management and IS management. This knowledge allows KOMRATS LLC to confidently provide the most suitable and efficient solutions according to the needs and operational specifics of each client.

Reasons why an IAM architecture is essential:

Regulatory compliance - IAM architecture  is often prescribed (or at least strongly recommended) by regulators.

In the EU General Data Protection Regulation - privacy protection principles, practices and processes are standardized and mandated. This leads to audit requirements and business reporting standards that are supported by a proper IAM architecture.
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Micro Focus Products & Komrats Services

The quickest, safest way to get results is to build on what customers have. Microfocus software does just that. It bridges the gap between existing and emerging technologies—so we can help our customers innovate faster, with less risk, in the race to digital transformation.

Identity Manager

The comprehensive solution for provisioning Identities and controling access

Access Manager

Federated Access Management and single sign-on

Advanced Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication for your ever changing needs

Privileged Account Manager

Secure Privileged account access access to databases, applications and the cloud

Identity Governance

Identity Governance for access certification and reducing the risk of excessive access

Change Guardian

Stop insider and targeted attacks with privileged user activity monitoring

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Microfocus Identity & Access Management

Our Business

KOMRATS LLC is a small IT Latvian company which specialises in Identity,Access and Data  management. We provide the complete cycle of Identity and management solutions from consulting, development, implementation, documentation and services.

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+371 29239276